Marcy's 110 Clip-on SHOOT-OUT! A pro chooses her favorite!

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The Micro-Pet 110 versus the Spy-Cam Keychain! This could prove to be a real slobber-knocker!

Writing this "shoot-out" was very hard for me on a personal level. Philip Arny sent me the Micro-Pet 110. Sporty and always ready to go, the Micro-Pet 110 quickly made a place for itself in my life and my heart. Then came the SpyCam Keychain, purchased at Claire's in the Supermall of Auburn. Though $3.00 US seemed a bit steep at the time, the camera was mint in the box. My carefree side told me that I could go ahead and carry both cameras. My practical side overruled and it was soon evident that one piece of gear would have to go. Hence, this heartbreaking shoot-out. The decision as to which of the 110's was the better performer would have to be made.

The Micro-Pet 110 revealed:

MicroPet110_small.jpg (1335 bytes)

MicroPet1105_small.jpg (1275 bytes)
The SPY-CAM Keychain put to the test:

 spycam1.jpg (50064 bytes)

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micropeta.jpg (68203 bytes)

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Micro-Pet 110 advantages:

Camera strap is rigid, keeping it out of the image taking area.

micropetg.jpg (66560 bytes) Umm...I think that's it's only advantage...

micropete.jpg (56094 bytes)


micropetc.jpg (54698 bytes)

Though the Spy-Cam Keychain is the better performer, the Micro-Pet 110 took my favorite shot of this series. It's the double exposure, right. During a test of both camera's macro capabilities, I photographed these primroses, obtaining an inadvertent double exposure.

micropetf.jpg (71576 bytes)

keychainb.jpg (76922 bytes)

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keychainf.jpg (65176 bytes)

keychaina.jpg (80462 bytes)


Spy-Cam Keychain advantages:

The shutter button is activated with a squeeze pressure from front to back - on a weightless piece of plastic, this is a definite advantage. It's less likely to cause camera movement during exposure than a press-down shutter button.

I like the "clicketa-clicketa" sound the film advance knob makes. Also, there's a definite stop for each exposure. The Micro Pet 110 lacks a definite stop.

A built in lens cover which is activated by a sliding switch to the side of the lens. This movement pops up the viewfinder as well.

keychaing.jpg (72047 bytes)


keychainc.jpg (97063 bytes)

The Spy-Cam Keychain's macro results, above.

I was a bit worried that my Micro-Pet 110 Camera might be malfunctioning. Due to the fact that the Spy-Cam Keychain "Camera really works!", it is the winner of today's shoot-out. It out performed the Micro-Pet 110 in not only the macro category, but the aerial and scenic categories as well. And to think I'd initially thought they were copathetic (see terms and definitions).

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS says the Micro 110 [which looks just like the Micro-Pet] c1986. Miniature novelty cameras which snap onto a 110 film cartridge. Also sold as 'Mini 110', 'Baby 110', or 'no-name'. Several different body styles and colors $1 - $10."

The funniest part is when you look through McKeown's index for Micro 110: "Cat & Fish, Cheeseburger, Chicken in Egg, Elephant, PAIM, Panda, plain camera, Whittaker"

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