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Marcy's Agfa A-8 Camera Review:

The Cadet uses 127 film and is smaller than your average box. It fits nicely into one of the smaller size Crown Royal felt bags.* I recently took the Cadet on a snowshoe trip that didn’t pan out. But it was a great time in the rainy North Cascades nevertheless and I took the waterfall and boat shots, below.

When I loaded the film, I noticed that the lens was dirty. (Yes! It’s got a lens! It’s on the inside of the shutter, silly.) But I didn’t clean it because I sort of like the dirty lens look. In fact, the camera lenses that I actually make my living with? I rarely clean ‘em. [ I’m supposed to see a guy tomorrow about some aerial photography work using Hasselblads. He does aerial timber surveys and stuff. Can’t you just picture it, if I take this job? He’ll be piloting the plane and I’ll be yelling "But if I just breath on the lens it’ll take a nice, diffused shot!"]    *UPDATE: a year and a half later; I took that job - but don't tell anyone.*

Anyway, the Cadet;

Eight rectangular images on 127 film. Manufactured in 1940.

There’s a "b" tab on the top and a viewfinder that folds out on the side.

If you take it on a trip, take two...they’re small.

For more info check out the Box Camera Basics Page. Don’t forget: Pull the winder knob out to remove the film assembly!

* Speaking of Crown Royal felt bags; over the years I’ve collected gobs of these in a variety of sizes. They’re perfect for giving those case-less (I should say "case-free" - like "focus-free") junk cameras a cozy ride in a bag or pocket. Once, I was at a camera show, and there was a very nice display of old cameras an exhibitor had set up inside a glass case. On the top corner of the case, in a neat stack, was a pile of Crown Royal felt bags. I pointed to them and said to the guy behind the counter, "Hey! I use those too!" He just stood there, staring straight ahead, with is mouth hanging open. No response. After an awkward silence, I slowly turned and walked away. Later, I decided that the guy who'd put the camera display together probably had gone to the bathroom and he put his mute cousin in charge of watching the table. Or maybe, those bags weren't for transporting cameras? Maybe he'd just finished drinking all those bottles of Crown Royal?

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agfabox2.jpg (94393 bytes)

agfabox3.jpg (72805 bytes)

A wall in my darkroom.

agfabox4.jpg (78368 bytes)

Outside my studio at night.

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS states, "1937-40. Simple model of Cadet A-8 series. Folding frame finder, plain front. Uncommon. $35-$50." With flash sync contacts it's worth $40-$60.

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