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Marcy's Ansco Lancer Review:

   Jerry, the guy who delivers the mail also worked part-time at an auction house. He gave me a box of camera gear. In it was an Ansco Lancer.

    Inside the back it says "For best results use 127 Ansco All-weather Pan or Anscochrome film." Why just today I found a roll of 127 in a yellow foil-like wrapper. I don't remember where it came from but it was lolling about with the onions and lemons in the veggie crisper at the bottom of the fridge. It's Kodak Verichrome Pan and I ran it through the camera.

    I walked my dog down to the beach. This Lancer is pretty darn stylish considering today's bent toward the retro look. It's got an aluminum cast body with sleek lines and a nice touch of black leatherette. I'm cruisin' along with my little doggie when we happen upon a gigantic Great Dane / Newfoundland mix. A real physical specimen at about seven feet tall. Two guys were sitting in the dunes just watching the dog, the clouds, the sand... whatever. Turns out they were two total stoner-boys from Seattle's eastside. They offered me some weed while we watched their dog kick my dog's a-a-ansco. Smoking pot isn't not really my style, however I wasn't averse to drinking their beer. When they found out that I live here they looked at each other and said, "Dude!" Only it came out like "Duuuuuuuude!" Hearing that I'm a photographer stoner boy #1 said, "Well you better get yourself a better camera." I was just about to ask him where he got off being such a bast-bast-bastion of good taste, when stoner boy #2 leaned back, held his breath, and stretched his arm out toward me as if he were passing me a blunt. I realized he was reaching for my Lancer. As he pondered it he said, "Photography. The other art."

    Anyway, the Lancer's focus is adjustable. The shutter can be set at either 50 or 100. 50 synchs with the flash (hot shoe, by the way). I used it with a cheapie flash. it's got f16 & f8. It's also got a sconar lens. Not a crullar, or even an apple turnovar ... but a sconar.  

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS (2001-2002) states; "1959. Streamlined cast-metal camera made for Ansco by Bilora. Takes 12 exposures 4x4cm on 127 film. Identical to the Bilora 44 (c1959). Sconar f8 in simple shutter B, 50, 100. $12-20."

That's odd. Mine has no B.

The shutter appears to stick. My cat (left) is nicely exposed, while my dog (above) is a very thick exposure on the negative. It was taken a second or two after the cat photo, with the same settings. 

I put diamondplate on my kitchen ceiling and behind the china shelves. Just wanted you to know.

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