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Marcy's Ansco Camera Review:

This tough, sporty little junk store camera was purchased for $3 at a St. Vinnie's in Tillamook, Oregon. It's made of metal and the fixed [soft] focus lens is glass. No sunny / cloudy mix-ups here. The red shutter button has just one setting, no bulb. This camera accepts 620 film and the image is a rectangle larger than 6 x 7. The viewfinder on top is actually fairly accurate. This camera feels good. It has a nice size / weight ratio. Under Kodak's recommended "normal" development, it tends to prefer 400 speed film on a sunny day. There is a socket for a flash attachment, but I don't have a flash unit.

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This is a detail of the Silver Nitrate Queen's becak. For more on the becak, click here.

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McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS (2001 - 2002) states, "c1947-53. Plastic and metal eye-level cameras in the PB-20 and PD-16 sizes. Earlier examples are called Agfa Pioneer. Common. $1-10."


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