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Marcy's Argoflex Seventy-five Camera Review:


Hey Look! An Argus I can handle! You ACG folks may be a bit miffed at my bumbling attempts at reviews of the C3 "bricks"...but I just can't seem to forgive Argus those silly split viewfinders. But the Seventy-five? Now, here's a simple, straight-forward, easy to use, no nonsense camera. I found it in a box of cameras that I bought for a buck apiece. I put a roll of 620 film through the Seventy-five and it gave me twelve 6x6 images. This twin lens ("Argus Lumar 75mm") camera is made of metal and weighs a healthy amount. It's got instant and time settings. The film fed smoothly from beginning to end. No problems. No light leaks. Oh...well...hmm...maybe that makes it a little boring? I took it to a haunted lighthouse and an abandoned army fort from World War II. 

Argoflex75FtColDorm.jpg (38717 bytes)

Argoflex75FtColHouse.jpg (65247 bytes)

Argoflex75Peeing.jpg (44815 bytes)

Argoflex75NHLighthouse.jpg (50740 bytes)

Argoflex75LighthouseView.jpg (63249 bytes)

ArgoflexNHLightHouseClimb.jpg (70113 bytes)

Argoflex75DeadCar.jpg (53939 bytes)

Argoflex75DeadCar2.jpg (48447 bytes)

I also took this camera with me on my first Pintoid Adventure to Lake Superior:


A very cool lightning storm near Billings, MT.

Messed around with some old color film:

I actually took these shots for Argust 8th, then never submitted them. Story o' my life....


Silly Argus movies to watch:

Check out:   "ARGUS : THE MUSICAL #1" & "ARGUS : THE MUSICAL #2 "

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS (2001-2002) states: "1949-58. Black plastic body. Fixed focus. $1-19. Slightly higher in Europe."

"Argus Seventy-five - Same as Argoflex Seventy-Five but name shortened from Argoflex to Argus. $1-10."

"Argus 75 - 1958-64. Brown plastic body. Continuation of Argoflex/Argus Seventy-five with minor cosmetic changes. Name written with numerals. $1-10."

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