Marcy's Argoflex E :

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The Argoflex E takes 12 ,6x6cm, images on 120 roll film. The shutter has "T" and "B" settings as well as 1/10th through 1/200th (no self timer). The aperture is f4.5 to f18. It focuses from 3.5 feet to infinity. It's got a wildly fun viewfinder hood complete with fold down flap so it become a sports finder ... there's even a little pop-up magnifier for fine focus - just like a real camera.

The fine focus magnifier.

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Looking across my slide tray trellis.




Gettysburg, PA.


Camden, ME


Bob & HJ, St. Louis.


The Colonel, original KFC, Corbin, KY.


Original Kentucky Fried Chicken, Corbin, KY.


The Colonel's head in a case.


VA Memorial, Ofallon, MO.

When I got this camera, the shutter didn't work. I made it into a pinhole camera. I attached a store bought pinhole to the taking lens. The viewing lens actually came close to what I ended up with on the film.

Here are a few images I took with this camera as a pinhole:


The shutter has since been repaired by Jaye Waas, otherwise known to me as the Camera Whisperer.

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO  ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS (2001-2002) states, "1940-1948. Focusing three element f4.5/75mm Varex Anastigmat; shutter T,B, 10-200. $20-30."

Silly Argus movies to watch:

Check out:   "ARGUS : THE MUSICAL #1" & "ARGUS : THE MUSICAL #2 "

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Shutter guts:

ArgoflexShutter1.jpg (58758 bytes)

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Shutter guts.

ArgoflexShutterc.jpg (71808 bytes)

Just another view of the spring arrangement.


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