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Marcy's Argus Camera Review:

Argus Cameras. They’re everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I’m referring to those square black bricks. We could all redo our house foundations with ‘em. Better yet, I think I’ll build an Argus Barbecue. I should have bought one a long time ago (a C3, not a barbecue). You know why? Because they look cool when worn with that sort of 60’s / 70’s retro look.

Here's my C3 story: I was in a junk store called The Junk Store (duh). They didn’t appear to have any cameras, so I started to leave. A voice said, "Looking for anything in particular?" just as my hand touched the door handle. We got to talking about old cameras. She brought a bag out from the back room - junk stores always have a back room. Hmmm...just Argus’. So, there I was, standing in the middle of an awkward silence. Maybe I felt awkward because I’d used her bathroom or something, I don’t remember. She’s looking at me with that do-you-want-it-or-don’t-you look. So, I bought it. It didn’t cost much and now I could leave.

What I ended up with were two cameras. One with a 50mm lens, the other one had a 100mm lens. Two types of light meters (more barbecue decorations?), tons of lens attachments and filters, anti static brushes, a lens cleaning kit and some nifty old film canisters. The bag it all came in has really grown on me. Brown leather. Very worn, but not falling apart worn. It looks like something Indiana Jones would carry.

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The bag they came in.

The focus adjustment on the camera with the 50mm is jammed. I dislike the rangefinders on these cameras. They’re hard to focus through.

I took the camera with the 100mm on a snow shoe trip. The settings recommended by the hand held meters seem to be right on. The camera doesn’t focus well on closer subjects (but I’m of the genre that believes F64 is SO over). Either that, or I’m doing something wrong. These cameras are a bit beat, so I’m sure it’s their fault, not mine. There’s a little lever on the front of the camera that cocks the shutter. It doesn’t cock automatically with each wind. This camera is very user interactive. I mean, not only is there the manual shutter-cocking to deal with, but you also have to push a button next to the counter to release it when you want to advance to the next frame. It’s like a winder lock you can’t turn off. It has to be released, though, just as the film begins to advance, so the film will stop on the next frame. Otherwise, you’ll just wind and wind like a film winding fool. Not that that happened to me, or anything.

The photos they took:

ArgusSnowShoe1.jpg (27454 bytes)

ArgusSnowShoe3.jpg (30635 bytes)


Just a silly ad I found in an old Wards catalog.

Things folks have done to their Argus Cameras:

Leon Fundenberger created ArgoHenge with Argus cameras and a Lego knight.

Dan Cluley made the brick brick, above. "It is made from 3 junk C-3s and 1/35 scale brick
pattern paper." 


Here's a photo of Doug Wilcox's Baby Python.

Gary Husson recovered this brick with Honduran mahogany veneer.



Tom Desaulniers transformed his brick into a half-frame camera:


Mel Gerson sends these re-covered Argus C3 images:

The Wheel of Fortune C3.

Lizard skin C3.

Edward Kowalski also has a half-framer:

Ed says, "The Red C-3 Demi-Frame (Argus Half Frame Camera)
I cleaned and lubricated this old brick, changed the flash timing to synch
for electronic units, then modified the body to expose 48 images per 24
exposure roll, each 24mm h x 17mm wide. Film plane gate was masked with
inserts, a second film stop pin was installed into sprocket and gear set, and
front viewfinder window was masked. Then I recovered the front in red
leatherette cut from a photo album cover."

Here're the guts of Ed's 1/2 framer.

Ed's Argus Model 21 Markfinder, modified to fit a T-mount lens system.

Um ... errrrr ... Ed ... I gotta wonder if you're compensating for something here?

Below is an example of Ed's Blue Monster:

"The Blue C-3 Monster... 
Ed took his ugliest Argus C-3, tore it apart, worked on the innards, cleaning
and relubricating, and readjusted the sync point to match electronic flash.
Rivets holding the back latch body spring and some of the flash contact
straps were failing; he was able to replace them with #4/40 machine screws
and nuts. He threw out the old leatherette and recovered with blue material
cut from a checkbook cover. Then he built a crude flashgun from an Argus gun,
rewired with a hotshoe on top. The original lens was badly scratched, and he
replaced it with an orphaned lens made for a Matchmatic model. He had
previously re-inscribed the aperture markings on this lens so that they would
read as F: stops rather than coded exposure numbers."

the flash.

B. Glass modified his C3 to accept Yashica lenses.

If you've done something crazy with your Argus, drop me a line.

Silly Argus movies to watch: I've found that these movies play best if you save the file to your desktop, then run it from there. But that's just me.

Check out:   "ARGUS : THE MUSICAL #1" & "ARGUS : THE MUSICAL #2 "

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS (2001-2002) states: "1939-66. The most common "brick", and found in at least five variations in film-wind knob, accessory clip and name plate designs. A solid, durable, and well-liked camera, like the C2, but internal synch. (Note: Factory retrofits of Argus C and C2 models  with C3 internal flash sync exist.) Very common. Somewhat higher in Europe. $12-20."

Visit the Argus Argosy. A traveling C-3.

August 2nd, 2002 was the date for ARGUST SECOND!

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