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Marcy's Argus Match Matic Camera Review:

A lovely two-tone beige camera, of the brick line. I got this for free from Bob Hickey. He made sure that I searched for the meter inside the package that the camera was sent in. Without the meter the camera is worth $10. But with the meter the "price skyrockets to $12." I was told. I’ll bet this is true even if the meter doesn’t work (which it doesn’t).

You set the shutter speeds with a dial that says "scenes" and "action"...hey! It’s just like a Diana! I rather like the concept. Simple, straightforward. The "i" and "b" settings are activated by turning the shutter release button. The F-stops are set on the front of the lens, read in three places on the ring no less, "F3 1/2 - 8+". The lens is an Argus 50mm, 3.5 coated cintar. There’re those two dang viewfinders again. Ironically, the one you can’t see through is the one you’re supposed to focus through. So, what’s up with that anyway?

Well, I found out what’s up with that. Since I couldn’t see to focus, I got out-of-focus pictures. I focused on what appeared to be focus. Other times I used the distance dial. The only actual in focus image I got is the river scene. I figured that unless you’re Buzz Lightyear ("To infinity and beyond!"), infinity is infinity. This camera seems to understand that concept pretty well.

Since Bob gave it to me out of the goodness of his heart I don’t feel right adding it to the Argus barbecue.

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I used this camera for my 2002 Christmas Lights photo:

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS (2001-2002) states: "1958-66. Basically a face-lifted C3 in two-tone finish. Designed for use with a non-coupled clip-on meter to be valued as a collectible. Somewhat higher in Europe. $20-30."

Silly Argus movies to watch:

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