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Marcy's Baby Brownie Special Review:

I was working on my taxes. Had the St Jude and the guardian angel candles time is such a pain! Half way through, I decided to take a break and go for a walk. Can’t go for a walk without a Junk Store Camera! I chose the Baby Brownie Special. Hmmm...looks like just a bit of scum on the inside of that lens. I’ll bet if I put a piece of cloth on the end of a pointy stick, I can open the shutter, poke the stick in there and wipe that scum off. That way, I don’t need to entirely disassemble the thing. At the time it seemed like a good idea. So, you can guess what happened. Yup. The piece of cloth came apart and ended up inside the lens assembly. So I had to take the camera apart anyway. I went for my toolbox. Not noticing that it was upside down, I slid the toolbox out of the cabinet. Tools everywhere. So much for a short break. But, it was taxes. Bluck! (Hey! New word! I like it!)

This tiny (3 1/4" wide x 3" tall) camera takes eight images on a roll of 127 film. It gives that oh-so-desirable edge distortion, with the center of the image remaining in focus. It has a cute little white pushbutton shutter to the side of the focus free lens. No "b" setting. The white film winder knob and shutter release add striking contrast to the camera’s black Bakelite body. With a nifty little braided handle as an accent over the top, this camera has classic lines to match any outfit. The metal pieces on either side, where the handle is attached, push downward to unlock the back of the camera so it can be removed for film loading. The film glided smoothly through the camera from beginning to end.

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McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Kodak Baby Brownie Special - 1939-54. Bakelite box camera for 4x6.5 cm exp. on 127 film. Rigid optical finder. $8-$15."

A Baby Brownie Special from the Gala Collection.

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