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Marcy's Beacon Camera Review:


Months ago I was in a Salvation Army thrift store in Aberdeen, Washington. I noticed a Beacon camera in the glass case. They wanted, like, $24.00 for it! Well, that was probably six or seven months ago and that camera is still there. It can rot there for that price. I came across a box of nine cameras (someplace else) for $20. Two of those cameras were Beacons, a Beacon and a Beacon II, to be exact. The Beacon II is missing all of it’s viewfinder glass. That one had old panchromatic film in it. I finished the roll and developed it. The shots I took were there, but the shots someone else had taken? Well, my guess is that the camera back had been opened a few times. The only apparent difference between the regular Beacon and the Beacon II was that the II has what appears to be a screw hole for a flash attachment next to the viewfinder.

This nifty plastic camera, made by Whitehouse Products in Brooklyn, New York, has a lens with a metal bellows. The bellows is simply pulled out and it snaps into position. It measures 4" wide and 3 1/8" tall. The shutter has both "B" and "i" settings. It takes 16 images on 127 film.

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McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 2001-2002 states "c1947-55. Plastic rollfilm camera for 3x4cm on 127 film. Plastic lens, simple spring shutter. Colored models: $25-40. Black: $1-10."

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