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Marcy's Bullet Camera Review:

This is the cutest darn camera. It takes 8 shots on 127 size film. The images are about 2 1/2 inches long on the negative. Kinda big for a camera this small. Before using, you need to unfold the viewfinder from the top of the camera. Also, the lens "bellows" is threaded, hard Bakelite and extends from the camera body by turning it counterclockwise. I bought this particular camera at a junk store for a whopping eight dollars! Pretty steep for one with a dented lens, broken shutter release lever and chipped latch. But it worked.  The images this camera makes are a lot clearer than the Brownie...maybe it was that fall it took that knocked some sense into it? I don’t know.

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Believe it? I received the following via email:

"My grandmother gave me her old Brownie Bullet camera and I just found some
film for it.  I wanted to take pictures, but it doesn't seem to have an
automatic film advance.  The rewinder works great, but should the film
advance by itself when I press the shutter button?
By the way, I love your webpage.  It's very informative. 
Thanks for any information you can give me."
[Name withheld to protect the innocent.]

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states: "Bullet Camera (plastic) - 1936-42. A simple torpedo-shaped camera with fixed-focus lens mounted in a spiral-threaded telescoping mount. Variations: with and without metal reinforcement at camera back retainer, in viewfinder finish, shutter release design, and interior film retainer. Common, inexpensive, yet novel, $12-20."

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