Though it represents great personal sacrifice on my part, I present to you:

Marcy's Imperial Cubex IV Camera Review:

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I've just purchased a Jeep Wagoneer. Fifteen years with a sports car and it was time to spread out. Besides, my dog was tired of hitting her head when I closed the rear window of the RX. In looking up the car's value at I found that it's listed as a station wagon! Yikes! But here's the clincher...okay...this is tough...this vehicle has...well, wood grain sides. There. Let the truth be known. It's boxy. So I decided on the Cubex IV for my Wagoneer's first camera companion. Boxy and black, the Cubex IV has lovely chrome (well, tin) accents. It's got that little pointy Imperial logo and classic Imperial lines, but doesn't say Herbert George on it. Made in the USA with an Impar 47 mm glass lens, this camera takes twelve square exposures on a roll of 127 film. The top part of the camera is dedicated to viewfinder and flashcube stuff. You have to rotate the flashcube separately from the film advance. A tough thing to remember, wouldn't you agree? There's a dial that locks and unlocks the back so it can be removed to load the film. Not exactly Debonair, but I've got a car with wood grain sides...what do I know?

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McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001 - 2002 states, "Plastic 4x4cm cameras - c1964. Such as: Cinex, Cubex IV, Delta, Deltex, Lark, Mark 27, Matey 127 Flash, Mercury Satellite 127, Nor-Flash 127, Roy, Satellite II. Colored: $12-20. Black: $1-10."

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