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Marcy's Diana Camera Review:

The Dianas require too much aluminum foil for my taste. I picked these Dianas up a long time ago in a junk store in Grayland, Washington. They were just a couple of bucks and I didn’t know anything about them. I’d heard of the Diana, but had never actually seen one. I guess the "F" stands for flash, because that camera has a couple of sprockets on it, though I don’t have a Diana flash unit. I used the Diana-F more often because it has fewer light leaks than the Diana. The viewfinder works the opposite of most of my junk store cameras in that you get less of the image than you see in the finder. The Diana, its okay, but a little too complicated in comparison to most junk store finds (you have to focus it).

StatuaryDianaF.JPG (74752 bytes)

HouseDianaF.JPG (74564 bytes)

HeadDiana.JPG (68869 bytes)

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