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Marcy's Evans Box Camera Review:

This is the most feature-filled box camera I believe I've ever seen! Made of metal, this camera takes eight images on 120 film. It's kinda heavy. I think I paid about a dollar and a half for it at a camera show. It's beat to hell. Someone tried to glue the leatherette back on and didn't do a very good job of it. It's got "PEGGY BELL" painted on the top in blue. Probably blue nail polish. If someone knows Peggy, would you please chastise her for not taking better care of her camera? Made in Germany, this is the only box camera I've seen that has a pc receptacle...a modern one too! I was working on the Box Camera 101 page, when I noticed the pc hole. I plugged my studio lights into it and, sure enough, got a wonderful photograph of some of my Barbies. That was New Year's Eve. I'd received an invitation to a New Year's Eve party at a Tribal casino a couple of miles from here. Free food and drinks! Once the pc receptacle was discovered, the decision was made to bring the Evans Box Camera to the celebration. (I know, some of you can guess what happened.) I attached my little cheezy flash, and took a couple of shots during the party - security was right on top of it! Duh... I'd forgotten you can't take pictures inside a casino. I told them I'd take it out to the car, but I didn't. I was afraid I'd miss some of the freebies! I unplugged the flash and took a couple of shots using the "B" setting and no one was the wiser. Turns out the flash wasn't quite powerful enough to overcome the f one billion rating of the lens.

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Barbies under studio lighting.


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New Year's Eve 2001 revelers.


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Using the "B" setting, I got a ghost image of a bartender and bar patron.


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Fill flash almost worked.


Some of this camera's interesting options:


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Turn the filter knob and a yellow filter rotates inside the lens.

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Pull out the bottom tab for time exposures. Pull out the top tab for a smaller lens aperture.


EvansShutterLock.jpg (138216 bytes)

The curvy slot has a lever in it that can be activated while the shutter is depressed during a time exposure. It locks the shutter lever down, so you don't have to hold it with your finger throughout the entire time exposure.

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The back pops open for access to its guts.

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