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Marcy's Falcon Miniature Deluxe Camera Review:

Made in Chicago. This little, brown Bakelite camera has a metal viewfinder that folds up. It also has an instant and a time setting. The "minivar lens" says 50mm. Its one of those cameras with two holes in the back. You wind the film counter number into the first hole, take the picture, then wind the same number into the next hole. I did this and got 16 overlapped images on a roll of 127 film. The latches on the back are metal. the one on the right slides to the side and the entire back can be removed. Inside, there is room for a spare roll of film. The camera’s about 3" tall, by 5" wide. I’ve seen a lot of cameras around that look like this one. In fact, I’ve got a lot of cameras that look like this one...the Photomaster is a much cheezier miniature version and the Pickwik might even be made by the same folks.

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If you're a Pittman and you're viewing this...Okay, I trespassed. But you guys have the best chantrelles!

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