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Marcy's Flash-Master Camera Review:

Another one of those 127 half-frame plastic cameras. Made in Chicago by Seymour Sales Co. Get it? Kind of reminds me of that joke where you ask the receptionist to page Seymour Butts. (Hey, is your refrigerator running?) Anyway, it's got your typical 50mm Graf lens, which gives that classic plastic image distortion. It's got two shutter settings, "inst." and "flash". The flash works. I know. I used it. It was fun listening to the pop and fizzle of those old bulbs. This camera has refreshingly few light leaks. I used no Gaffer's tape and only had a bit of light leakage on the very tale end of the film...more likely from a slightly loose wind, than a leaky camera back. 16 images on a roll of 127 film.

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If you look closely, you'll see a little leprechaun in the trees...very odd.

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Hey! It's my living room! And don't give me crap about having too many cameras, 'cause you ain't seen nothin'.


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On another note: A guy from Lexington, Kentucky emailed me because he'd seen some photos I'd made of the North River, which is just a few miles from here. The North River has quite a few nifty old float houses. Turns out this guy had some fond memories of those float houses, dating back to his visits during the 1960's, and he was in the market for a few images of the area. If you only knew how odd it is to have someone from Lexington Kentucky actually know where Tokeland and the North River are located... anyway, he had this funny story about using the floating outhouse and another about listening to "In the Year 2525" on a transistor radio. Inspired by his heartwarming narrative, the next sunny day, a friend and I ( and my trusty Flash-Master) went up the river in our canoe. (Yeah, this story does have something to do with the Flash-Master!) While photographing more floathouses, a man in a small river boat powered by a very large outboard motor with the word "Johnson" on it   passed by us. This caused my friend to exclaim,"Wow! That guy's got a big Johnson!"

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