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Marcy's Foto-Flex Camera Review:

The Foto-Flex has to be the ugliest camera I’ve ever seen. Well...I take that back. I’ve got an olive drab Imperial Debonair that’s equally ugly. But the Debonair is more homely than ugly. Anyway, manufactured in the USA, the Foto-Flex takes twelve square images on 127 film. It was in a box of cameras that I bought at an auction. Its made of metal, with a plastic viewfinder hood, and weighs close to a ton. 5 3/4" across, 3 1/2" high, with the viewfinder folded down. There’s something wrong with mine. A the mirror that reflects the image behind the viewfinder is loose and sometimes I have to shake the camera to get that glass into the right place so I can fold the hood back down. I could remove a couple of screws and look inside and probably repair it. But, I’ll probably never get around to doing that. I know what! I’ll do it right this minute! Okay, so I’ve taken it apart and there’s absolutely nothing holding that mirror in place after all. What were they thinking when they designed this thing?

Will miracles never cease? I put it back together and its working just fine. The camera has a time setting. Now that I’ve been inside it, its kind of growing on me. I like the weight of it and maybe its lines aren’t ugly? Maybe they’re just simple?

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