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Pinhole Michael sends this photo:

"... My dad came out for a visit last summer, and he knows I collect cameras,
so he brought me an ancient Kodak cartridge camera, circa 1920's, but it
still had film in it.  I had my son take a photo, just for fun.  Took it to
a local guy for processing, but as it was an odd size (bigger than 120/620,
more like 8x12cm), it took him a few months to get to it... he could
process, but not print due to film size... So, I get the film back, it's got
4 other very boring photos that look to be circa 1950 or so, and the one of
me & dad.  I was surprised it actually turned out... I call it 'farmer and
his son'. "

One of my favorite found images. I made this into postcards at one time.

The Canon FT page has more found images.

About the Kodak #2 Box Camera images:

"Looking at those fotos made me think about your whole reason for doing
what you do.  The swimmer concept, the power of the camera, the ability to
catch life at its living.  Interesting that these fotos are not yours... 
It's almost as if they were given to you as a gift, a way of reminding you of
your purpose.

How's that for cosmic?  I believe it, though."


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This, from the Ansco Rediflex.

Here's an interesting item sent to me by Sean Reid:

"As I've recently gotten into some older "junk" cameras and had a neat
experience with some old film that I picked up in an antique store.  I found
an old exposed roll of 620 Verichrome Pan (I liked your comment about
finding VP film in older cameras...) in an antique store recently.  I was
mainly interested in getting the spool so that I could finally start to use
my Junior 620, but I was also curious to see what, if anything, was on the

So, I finally got around to developing this roll of film, and it only had 2
pictures on it that had survived.  The rest of the roll seems to have just
faded over time, as the dividing marks between shots were still visible.
I've enclosed both pictures in this message.  The "family" photo was the
first shot taken on the roll, so it was at the very inside of the spool, and
thus best protected from oxygen and light and the elements of time.  The
"funeral" photo was the second shot on the roll, and as you can see, it
didn't survive as well as the first one did.  I think you can clearly see
what appears to be some kind of military funeral with an American flag
draped over the casket, surrounded by fuzzy white "circles" (faces)
surrounded by black (dark funeral clothes?).

Kind of creepy, huh?  The film was in an old bag with an Argus 75 camera,
which I'm assuming is what was used to take these pictures."

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Four Found Images:

It was a stormy, blustery day. I was running my dog on the beach. Not quite a sleet-blowing-sideways day, but stormy nonetheless. The beach was deserted, as it usually is in the winter. Well, it deserted in the summer as well, except on the 4th of July...but I'm getting off the subject. The seagulls were sitting on the gray beach, their heads turned into the wind. Bits of seaweed skipped across the sand...and something...something a bit odd landed at my feet. The wind had blown a strip of color negatives and they landed directly in front of me. Now, there wasn't a soul for miles on this beach, this day. How did the wind know to bring this gift to me? I picked the film up, knocked the sand from it and stuck it in my pocket. I later washed it and printed the four images.

This was at a time when I was wondering about my own images. I take one or two junk cameras with me every time I walk my dog and I walk my dog every day. So, how many times can you folks stand to view photos of my dog romping in the surf? ...Then, these images arrive at my feet.

Four photographs taken with a nondescript 35 mm camera by a very lazy photographer. (Though not so lazy that they couldn't dump their garbage in the dunes, which is probably where this strip of negatives came from.) I mean, this person didn't even bother to get up out of their chair to try for a decent shot of the kid!

In the end I figured, not only am I out on the beach no matter what the weather, I'm also using a camera that's mummified with about half a roll of gaffer's tape, has plastic electrical tie-off thingies in the film spool ends to make the wrong size film work, and I actually come away with something. An image. Maybe the image isn't award-winning (though some of them have won awards), but at least I got up out of my chair to create it. -MM

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Here's an image found in an antique store. A woman crying while placing a bay wreath over a fresh grave. I would have thought to take this photo, but I probably wouldn't have actually done it. I copied and tinted it.

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