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WWN January 28, 2003

Mummy Dearest: "At the time of the mummy discovery  she was not pregnant. Then this sick janitor got her alone and knocked her up..."

A 3,000 year old mummy?

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Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! That pesky Satan is back and he hasn't aged a day!

The February 6, 2001 edition of the Weekly World News shows a photo of the face of Satan, who once again rears his ugly head this time to terrify Mexico!

Looks to me to be the same photo as the one shown below with Satan over the Whitehouse.

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The February 6, 2001 headlines scream: TITANIC BABY FOUND ALIVE!

"This photo of the baby boy found adrift in the North Atlantic was taken by a crewman of the Hysstad-Sceter."


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Hey! I'm trying to stalk this photo analyst, Randall Gelimor. Know him? I can't find him with Yahoo's People Search or 411.  I've emailed the WWN in hopes they can send me some info. Meanwhile, I'll have to worship him from afar.

Wonder why he hasn't compared the two Satan cloud photos?

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In December, 2000 the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS reported this amazing story! An alien hit by an SUV!

"Military authorities are tight-lipped, but the picture taken by a professional photographer stationed just outside this remote northern Nevada base with a telephoto lens, speaks for itself. It has not been altered in any way, a secret state police report, according to sources, revealed."

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BenzGant1.jpg (210065 bytes) Michelle Gienow sent this full-page newspaper ad all the way from Baltimore. An offer of a free camera for only $36.74! I could have written this ad...in fact, it gave me some more material..."non-pro convenience class"...I like that.

And the couple who had their wedding done with this camera?...well, it speaks for itself.

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The following was spotted in the November 9, 1999 edition of the Weekly World News...now, there's a collectable camera!

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JesusPhoto3.jpg (31780 bytes) The article goes on to state that," [the image] was taken with a primitive camera obscura - a rudimentary photographic device that was used in ancient Greece and Rome. The image was reproduced onto a piece of yellowing parchment.The photographer was probably a Roman statesman or a high ranking Pharisee - the only men in the area rich enough to own a camera obscura in those days. The ancient device used a darkened box with a small opening on one side designed to admit light and create an image on an interior screen." [Then the Pharisee would just run on down to Wal-mart and have the "interior screen" developed, right? In fact, I'll have to get that article back out of the fire bin. Next time I'm in Wal-Mart I'm going to stop by their lab and ask if they have parchment processing. Could it be one hour? I'll let you know what they say.-MM]

[12-99; I did stop by the local one-hour. They looked at me like I was from outer space...and today I learned, from the WWN, that one in four UFO pilots is driving drunk.-MM]

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And, just when you thought it was safe.....the January 4, 2000 issue of WWN says:

"It looks like something that blew out of the bowels of hell!"

Face of Satan Photographed over US capitol!

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"One unidentified, veteran CIA operative revealed,'Radar can't scan it. Geiger counters can't read it. The naked human eye can't see it. You actually have to look through the lens of a million-dollar camera to even know it's there." [They have a budget much larger than mine. Eight bucks...Yup. That's my limit. -MM]

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From Ken S comes this incredible (and I mean incredible) photo. Is it yet another demon that's blown straight out of the bowels of hell? Click on the photo for more info. Or go here:



The Junk Stores was a Yahoo Pick of the Week for the week of March 27, 2000. I don't know that I'm completely thrilled that they stuck a link to Polaroid in along with their plug of my site, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? Here's what Yahoo said:

"Junk Store Cameras

Here's definitive proof that a workman should never blame his tools. The folks at Merrill Studios in Tokeland, Washington, have put together a charming collection of cheap-o cameras culled from thrift stores, garages sales, and online auctions. You'd hardly expect these $2 throwaways to still work, much less be capable of producing quality images. Nevertheless, along with photos and descriptions of the dozens of collected cameras, each entry offers sample photos taken with the listed model. Our favorite is the colorful Barbie Camera, but that may just be because it reminds us of Polaroid's cool new I-Zone camera. In any case, visit Junk Store Cameras and get clicking. "

And then came the USA TODAY coverage...are we too big for our britches, or what? We here at Junk Store Cameras are constantly seeking to "astound and delight". Here's what USA TODAY said:

"Just as we do with top-rated movies and TV programs, we look
daily for Web sites that are likely to be sure hits with readers -- sites
that seek to astound and delight, inform or amuse -- by exhibiting something
remarkable in graphics, content or both.

Again, congrats on a hot site.

Sam Meddis
Technology Editor


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From our region's own SOUTH BEACH BULLETIN (the May 18 2000 issue)

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Here's an interesting tidbit found in the May 23, 2000 issue of the Weekly World News.

Would YOU like to join our crack team of investigators? We here at Marcy's Junk Store Cameras are always searching for interesting photo or camera related items in the news media. Please send your news to: marcy@merrillphoto.com

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