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Marcy's Imperial Mark 27 Camera Review:

You're going to laugh when you hear what happened to me. I left my purse at the county courthouse. Had to return for it the next day. Otherwise I wouldn't have been in the county seat the evening of a certain auction. I mean, I'd received the postcard that the auction house sent out. It didn't mention a thing about any cameras for sale. But, there I was, picking up that purse...might as well stop by the auction and have a look-see. I previewed all of the junk and there really wasn't much of interest. This was the auction house's first auction in their new building and I noticed they were serving cake in the back. Not one to pass up free food, I headed on back there. While licking frosting off my fingers, I noticed a wall. Behind this wall lay the remainder of items to be auctioned. Boxes and boxes and boxes of junk cameras! Who knew? I sat at that auction, on that hard wooden pew, for nearly five hours, waiting for that stupid lot of cameras to come up for bid. I wasn't going away empty handed! In the end I got five boxes of cameras for around five bucks a box. There was only one other person bidding on these treasures and she wouldn't bid against me. She bought mostly Polaroids , with the plan to sell the lot on eBay.  Anyway, I came away with seventy eight cameras and a hard-to-find part for an antique piano bench. And where is this leading us?

The Imperial Mark 27 was buried in the lot. It had film in it.

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