Marcy's Imperial Reflex 620 Duo Lens Camera Review:

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I bought this camera on eBay. I think it was about $8. It looks cool. Silver. Kind of deco. No soft focus. No distorted edges. The shutter speed appears to be consistent. Kinda boring. Took the camera clamming. It says it takes 620 film, but 120 fit just fine. I got 12 images that are slightly larger than 2 1/4" square.

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Bert from New Jersey writes:

"I'm not sure if you know this, but an Imperial Reflex was owned by Lee Harvey
Oswald.  A picture of it is shown in Robert Groden's book 'The search for Lee
Harvey Oswald'.   The infamous backyard photos of Oswald posing with the
rifle used to kill Kennedy were taken with this camera.  Many conspiracy
theorists still claim to this day that these photos were faked, but the FBI
tested the camera and found that unique edge and lens defects proved the
photos were taken with this particular camera.  They also found the original
negatives in Oswalds posessions, so there was no possibility of fakery.

I know I'm going off on a tangent here, but the other camera found in
Oswald's personal effects was a Minox 'spy' camera.  This also led conspiracy
buffs to believe he was some kind of secret agent.  Oswald worked a series of
menial, $1.25 an hour jobs.  The Minox was fairly expensive even in 1963.  It
wasn't exactly a common household camera, either.  I've read that this even
troubled the FBI, and nobody has ever been able to explain why he would have
owned a Minox."

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