If you know of a site that simply must be linked here, drop me a line! Robert Monaghan has put together tons of information on a wide variety of cameras. This is a link to his medium format library. The Argus Collectors Group web site. EVERYTHING Argus! This is my good friend, James M. Surprenant's site. He's got a nice, clean new look to his site. It's a very good source of inspiration! Ken Riley's antique camera site. Ken's got a forum where you can ask questions about your camera. He also sells antique cameras...and, folks, he's got a bargain bin! Glen Stewart's site where you can find out how to re-roll 120 film onto 620 spools.   The Camera Museum from Amy Corder. 100's of cameras are pictured. This site was created by toy camera folk (sounds like a race of people, doesn't it? Maybe it is?). It's fun, silly and very informative. Cam McCubbin has put together the most amazing assemblage of non-picture-taking photographic items (toys, clocks, figurines, etc.) He calls them CamerOddities. Bud Simpson has some thoughts on cheesy cameras and reviews of Holgas and the lovely Empire Baby. An all-around nice site! A good source for odd size film and film processing. David Francis has quite a bit of 126 instamatic camera info here. Mark Hahn has a great site with a page devoted to reloading 110 cartridges. Another Mark Hahn page, this one deals with turning 120 film into 828. The Classic Camera. Lots of info on neat old cameras. The Hacker's Guide to the Polaroid SX-70. An absolutely FABULOUS SX-70 site! Buy stuff. Disassemble stuff and just generally enhance your SX-70 experience! Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society; A camera collecting club in the Pacific Northwest. Doug Wilcox has put together a great site featuring his camera collection...and there's a very helpful page about using 620 cameras. Where else can one find a brand spankin' new stereo camera for only $75? [Don't answer that, please.] A camera body cap with fixed focus lens pressed into it, which "turns any camera into a point 'n shoot", can also be found on the loreo site. Don't ask. Just go there. A very useful page when researching a digital camera. Folks ask me "What digital camera should I buy?" ... like I should know? Instead of asking me, or calling me at home (it happens!), visit this site.

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