Marcy's Kodak Instamatic 44 Camera Review:

It accepts 126 film cartridges. You push the shutter button down to take the picture, hold it down as you turn the winder knob to the next frame. Release before you get to the next frame number and the advance knob will automatically lock when it gets there. I watch through the plastic window as the film's paper backing advances ... the memories return. I can smell southern Michigan in the summer time. Swampy...yuck. My sister loved David Cassidy so I claimed to love Danny Bonaducci, not because I actually loved him but because I felt I should. It concealed what would have been considered my "inappropriate" feelings for Susan Dey. I understand those feelings now but at the time I was still trying to get over the cancellation of "Gettin' Together" and the cold hard reality that Bobby Sherman was NOT my real dad ... The Instamatic 44 has some sort of funky styling! It's plastic and low profile. It takes flashcubes and some old fat batteries for flash energy ... funky energy...  like Funkadelic -&  the Funkstrum Chronicles... "The ass thou pimpest shall be your own..." [Stop it! I'm trying to do a camera review!] Once you get the hang of the film advance, you've just about handled it all. No settin's. No nothin'. Just pure 126 fun.

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McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Instamatic 44 - 1969-73. Basic Model. Made in USA and Canada. $1 -10."

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