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Marcy's Kodak Instamatic 804 Camera Review:

I picked this camera up at a Goodwill for $7. Well, okay...$6.99. I had thought that I needed to balance my collection with some 126 instamatics. (Wait! It’s not a collection! I’m not a collector! And de-Nile is still a river in Egypt.) I saw this camera in the case and asked to see it. The thing weighs a ton! There’s the oddest pull-thingy on the bottom. It’s about a two foot long metal tab that retracts back inside the camera’s body. Pull it a few times and it powers an auto advance. Once I realized what it was I laughed right out loud. A motor drive that never needs batteries!

There’s a dial on the front that sets the shutter speed. It has "B", 250, 125, and 60. I notice that after each exposure, this dial automatically switches back to 250. The +- dial sets the F-stops ( I think). There’s a built in meter. I’m not really certain exactly what it’s supposed to do. I don’t see where it reads out, though there is a warning that sometimes appears in the viewfinder that says "use flash". The camera takes two "N" size batteries. There’s a split image in the viewfinder for focus. On top of the camera is a receptacle for a flash cube. Chris Eve told me that this camera originally sold for around $145. And you still gotta buy flashcubes?

This 804 came with a wide strap. Very 70’s. There’s a tripod mount on the bottom. And you still gotta buy flashcubes? I had a package of flashcubes that I tried on the camera. They didn’t work and I’m not sure if it’s the cubes or the camera.

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