Marcy's Kodak Instamatic X-45 Review:

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After USA TODAY's exposť about Marcy's Junk Store Cameras site (okay, I got about line, but that's better than nothing), the editor of our local newspaper called to say that she had been cleaning out a friend's house and had come across an old camera. She wanted me to have it. It turned out to be a Kodak Instamatic X-45. There was film in it. I finished off the roll and had it processed. Turns out the previous owner had taken that camera to many places around the globe.

Kodak seems to have gone through a phase where they used clock mechanisms as a wind-up film advance. Sort of a manual motor drive. The X-45 has a giant knob on top. Turn it, and you'll wind the film advance mechanism. You can take a few shots before you have to wind it again. So, I ask, why not just make the knob a film advance?

I opened up the battery compartment door to find the funniest looking battery.  This camera came to me with one, half used, flash cube attached to one of those black plastic towers that you're supposed to use to move the flash away from the camera to reduce red-eye. I used the magicube and it actually worked!

This note came from Chris Eve's Kodak site:

"The automatic exposure on this camera is achieved in a slightly unusual manner. As the shutter control is operated, a small aperture opens progressively in the CdS cell window. At the same time a disc containing a series of increasingly larger holes rotates behind the Kodar lens. When the correct size lens aperture is in place for the prevailing light conditions, the rotating disc is stopped and the shutter is allowed to operate. Two focus settings are available, 2-6 feet and beyond 6 feet, flash is provided by magicube. "

That little close-up switch returns to it's default position of "beyond 6 feet" after the shutter has been released.

Her photos:

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My photos:                                                                 Click on any image for a larger view.

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