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Marcy's Jem JR. Camera Review:

Here's a nifty all metal box camera that I picked up in Conway, WA. It's got top and side viewfinders. Made by the J. E. Mergott Co. in Newark NJ, the camera takes eight 6x9 images on 120 film. On the top of the body is a small lever for "I" and "B" settings. The shutter seems to actually be pretty consistent!

Received htis email 7-00:

"Hi Marcy,
I have been coming across all kinds of things made by the J.E. Mergott
Company recently.  In case you're interested, J.E. Mergott was my
grandfather's great uncle, Julius Eugen Mergott, born in Bottenhorn,
Germany in 1851 I think.  I still have his passport and his marriage

-Jack Mergott

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I have since purchased the Girl Scout version of this camera:

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For more info on box cameras, check out the Box Camera Basics page!

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