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Marcy's Kewpie #2 Camera Review:

I recently received a bit of devastating criticism. So, I'm sorry if this review is lame, but I felt the need to dodge and burn these images and it took a lot out of me.

I bought this Kewpie #2 at a camera show for $15.00. That's more than I usually spend on any camera, let alone a simple box camera, but it was in great shape. I bought it for Mike Levy, who ended up trading me his new book for it. But not before I put a roll of film through it. My advice [not that I'm in a position to give advice...I'd need to put out a little more effort before I would attempt to advise]  to Mike is to trim that chunk of thread that's hanging down into the image area. Or maybe we could start a trend? Just as light leaks and distorted edges are the trademark of a classic toy camera photo, thread in the image area could prove to the world that a box was used. That would be, like, totally righteous.

The Kewpie is just above interesting (see terms and definitions). It's got a little latch on the side that unlocks to gain access to the "cone".

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The guts come out the side

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The Kewpie #2 also has four aperture settings. I used the largest opening. My efforts [ though I know they're lacking] over the years have shown me that the largest aperture is always the best choice.


There are top and side finders. There's also a tab to pull for "B" setting. Manufactured by Conley Camera Co of Rochester, Minnesota, the Kewpie takes eight exposures on 120 film. I took it to a defunct nuclear power plant. That ring around the top of the cooling tower really was there! The sun was directly behind the tower and it had a ring around it. You know how it does when there's a lot of humidity in the atmosphere?

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My Polaroid and old slide tray flower bed edging.

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For more information on box cameras, visit Box Camera 101.

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "c1917-22. For 120 film. Loads from side. Rotating disc stops on front of cameras. $12-20."

Then there's this... the Queen's own Box Camera! I've obtained another Conley Kewpie #2 and turned it into a Gala Edition. I call it the SNQP:

The SNQP photo'ed the following:



This was the very first photo I took with the SNQP (originally a Conley Kewpie #2). It's of a wayside chapel in Wyoming. The camera was set to "B" and I jiggled it a bit.


The porch of a junk store in Maine. It's called the Rusty Cobweb.

More Rusty Cobweb porch.

Inside George Eastman House. GE liked to shoot a lot of animals. I mean, he was a hunter.

The George Eastman Horse.

I've found that the SNQP doesn't focus on infinity. It likes medium range stuff. The boats are located in Camden, Maine.

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