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Marcy's Kodak Pony IV Camera Review:

This compact and manageable 35 is yet another reject...I mean heirloom, passed on to me by Bob Hickey. Sometimes folks take pity on my low budget and souvenir me stuff. Or maybe they see that "SUCKER" sign that I wear on my forehead...but that's not necessarily the case with this particular piece of photographica.  Camprice.com lists its value as $15, and $15 ain't nothing to balk at!

Anyway, in a technical sense, this camera works, but in a practical sense, it doesn't. The shutter tends to stick open, which can be kind of a drag. But am I going to show you those images? NO. I'm going to show you the two images that "came out" (see terms and definitions).  It's not like I'm trying to hide anything, I just want to show what the camera is capable of. It's sort of a credibility issue. I would never lie, but I have gone to great lengths to maintain my credibility. Like, every Thanksgiving for the past five years my step kids have requested that I bring my homemade apple pie to dinner. I've never told them that I made this apple pie. But I've also never told them that I bought it at Costco. They simply assume I made it and I simply have yet to correct them. My husband asks me why, if I'm not trying to hide the pie's store-bought status, do I remove the packaging before I put the pie in the car? It's a matter of credibility. The pie's home-made-ness must seem credible.

Anyway, the camera. It has a Kodak Anastar Lens. 44mm, f/3.5. The shutter is set with a dial around the lens assembly. Topside, it states shutter numbers which coincide with shutter speeds that are written on the bottom ("B" through 250). The focus ring has distances which are listed in feet with helpful focusing hints such as "close up", "groups" and "scenes". OOOOooooooo interesting.

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