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Marcy's Argus Lady Carefree Experience:

"Lady Carefree"? More like "Troublesome Witch". She looks so unassuming, in that perky little instamatic way. Her beige paisley brocade facade is merely a cover for the issues that reside within. First off, I decided to use her indoors with some flashbulbs. She accepts PX825 batteries which, as far as I know, are no longer available. I stuck two 625's in there and they worked, though intermittently. But that was okay, since the shutter had the same intermittent issues. Grrr.... I put her in a changing bag, took the film out, then messed around with her in the light. If I got her good and lubricated with lighter fluid, her shutter would fire and the film advance winder would wind freely. Then I'd put the film back inside. Maybe she'd perform ... maybe she wouldn't. Maybe it was just her time of the month? "Lady Carefree"... the name even sounds  like a maxi-pad. In fact, this plastic camera kind of looks like a maxi-pad. A folded one anyway.

Shown here with LightDays, since I didn't have a maxi-pad (story of my life).


2 aerial photos taken with the Lady Carefree, after many hours of labor:

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states: "Lady Carefree - 126 cartridge camera made for Argus by Balda-Werke in Germany. White with cream brocade covering. $5-15."

Hey look! It's a Lady Carefree with different styling!

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