The Meikai 35mm Plastic Camera: Note: It has recently ( 2-2001) come to my attention that a site called is "giving" away Meikai cameras for only $6.95! It's not the model pictured's even worse. I signed my dog up. She won the camera too. And even though they state that you're limited to one per person, my dog was able to order ten. She didn't follow through with the order, but she could have had ten free plastic cameras for only $69.95!  If anyone is willing to send in a review of the Meikai camera, I'd love to post it. -MM

MeikaiPlastic.jpg (109637 bytes)

With optional sunshade.

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Without optional sunshade.

Click on the camera for a larger view.

Marcy's Meikai Camera Review:

Belonging to that family of 35 SLR wanna-be's, the Meikai appears very realistic. But something's fishy in Hong Kong. Purchased at the Goodwill for $2.99, this plastic camera came with its plastic sunshade. When the sunshade is attached to the fixed focus lens it obscures much of the view through the viewfinder. This is one of  those crappy 35's with the hump on top, making it look as though it's an SLR...but it's a viewfinder camera. A simple viewfinder with a huge parallax problem. I'd anticipated this and corrected for it and didn't do too bad of a job, if I may say so myself.

Some of the image area is in focus, while other areas are not. The area of the image that is in focus changes with each frame. Every now and then an image is completely out of focus. Not a shaken-camera out of focus, just fuzzy. Probably due to the whack-o film plane.

This Meikai has a motor drive that actually works! 2 AA batteries and you're on your way. The motor drive is noisy and sounds just like one of those plastic kid's lawnmowers. You know? The fake ones that blow bubbles? Anyway, there's no manual back-up. So, if you're way out in the Masai Mara, shooting the elusive albino hyena, and you run out of AA's, you're SOL. Even the rewind is battery operated.

This camera's features, some real, others imagined, could possibly have brought about an evolution in levels of crappiness in the crappy 35 category. Not a simple callous design... in fact, I find it rather cheeky.

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