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Marcy's Meikai EL Camera Review:


This camera was in a box of cameras I picked up at an auction. A regular, real-life auction, not eF***. (Average folks refer to it as eBay, but my hip Internet friends use eBay's real name. I would write it out in its complete form, without trying to hide behind silly cussword symbols, but it's not just us adults who waste their time on this site.) Anyway, this very nondescript 35 mm camera was manufactured in Japan. It's metal AND  plastic. I believe the focus free "New MK Lens" is glass, so this ain't no toy we're dealing with here. Also says "Tougodo" - I think that means "To good". The only settings it has are sunny, partly sunny and cloudy. Well, those and a flash / natural light setting on its "instant shutter". The Meikai EL has a flash adapter with a standard pc plug in that actually works.  I felt this camera worthy of a Peeing Alien study series, so I shot the images featured below.

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I lent this camera to my twelve year old neighbor. We processed the film, printed it and she then tinted a few shots:

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 McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Meikai EL - c1963. Cheap 35mm viewfinder novelty camera. Imitation exposure meter on front. Fixed-focus lens, simple shutter. $12-20."

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