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Marcy's Altheimer Baer Photo-Craft Camera Review:

This camera needed me. It needed me bad. It came all the way from Pensacola, Florida to be with me. The shutter was rusted shut and it was missing the amber stuff that goes over the film counter hole. Other than that, it cleaned up okay. I took the shutter assembly out and soaked it in WD40. Had to let that stuff drain off for a while because I tend to overdo things. I covered the gaping film counter hole with the end of a processed roll of color film. I figured it was a decent amber color and I doubled it up, so it should be just fine.

This camera has very deco styling. The cover plate on the front is pretty icky looking, but still readable. It says "PHOTO-CRAFT Altheimer and Baer Inc. Made is USA". They must have gotten Alzheimer’s because on the inside of the camera it says it was made by James-Marlyn Co. It’s made of Bakelite and has two cute little ears sticking out from sides to attach a camera strap to.

The shutter still sticks a bit. Even after the WD40 soaking, I got a variety of exposures under the same lighting conditions.. The camera (2 7/8" tall, by 5 1/2" wide) takes 16 exposures on 127mm film. It came with a lovely leatherette case and I do believe I already have shoes to match.

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