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Marcy's Nickelodeon Photo Blaster Camera Review:

The Nickelodeon Photo Blaster Camera is so totally hip it's not even funny. Manufactured by Long Hall (I thought it was long haul? ) Technologies of China, the photo Blaster takes four images on each 35 mm frame. This means you can get 144 images from a single 36 exposure roll! What a savings! I found a stack of these P-B's at the local mall's camera store. I let them sit there and gather dust for a few years, before I actually purchased a bunch of 'em. After I was spotted sporting one of these puppies, the remainder of the store's stock immediately sold out. We knew it had to happen, didn't we? Always the trendsetter, every other photog in town simply had to have one.

This trip begins with the packaging. It's a "NEW INVENTION", the package boasts ... and "Serious equipment, built to last".

The odyssey continues to the camera body. Though everything on this camera is plastic, the background of the body's front is simulated diamond plate. Sort of like what those steps ascending to the WWF's wrestling ring appear to be made of. Only someone's horked a big loogey all over the side. I was under the impression that this green stuff was glow-in-the-dark. That would be righteous! But it snot.

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