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Marcy's Pickwik Camera Review:

This sporty little Bakelite camera takes 16 (overlapped...but I won't go into it) images on 127 film. Unlike most of the other junk cameras of its genre the outer edges are focused and the center is out. Yup. Isn't it just the silliest? The Lord of Darkness appears once again. This time in my bathtub. Doesn't his face look like Jesus on the shroud of Turin in that Weekly World News article? I noticed that when the negative was in the enlarger. I think I need better ventilation in the darkroom because that's also when I came up with the idea of  the "Junk Store Darkroom Equipment Review" - now, wouldn't that be interesting [interesting: please refer to the "definition of terms"]. The other two images were taken at the South Shore Mall. Not necessarily my favorite haunt, but a haunt out of necessity.

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Roswell alien in the pet store.


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Sears giant gumball machine.

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