Welcome to Marcy's second annual Beyond Nikon Poetry Contest!

   It's time for the great poetry contest 2001! A poem dealing with anything photographic is eligible. To give you the general gist,  Click here for last year's entry guidelines. This year's winner will be announced on or around the 4th of July. Once again, our distinguished panel of judges will gather around the photo poetry pyre to review the entries and select only the finest ... or maybe we'll simply close our eyes and "eeny meany miney moe...", who knows?

This year, the prizes are unlike anything we've ever offered before. Well, in fact, they aren't anything we've ever offered before. 

Three Grand Prizes :

1.) A DESKTOP CAMERA FOUNTAIN, a $39.95 value, exclusively from Junk Store Cameras!

vivitain.jpg (118099 bytes)

I think I'll let the grand prize winner select between the Fount-n-Shoot (above) and the Fountamatic (right).

Fountamatic.jpg (81205 bytes)

Saddle up, Hoss! It's your lucky day! Here are two more Grand Prizes. AND they're real prizes!

loreo_photokit_camera_1_b.gif (11762 bytes)

A Loreo Stereo Camera!

Check it out at: www.loreo.com


We also have a year's subscription to www.camprice.com ...where you can get up-to-date pricing information on thousands of cameras.

A yet to be determined number of Honorable Mentions are to receive a


CameraMIB.jpg (77419 bytes)

I don't know much about candy, but this one appears to work. Made of 100% white mint chocolate. I added extra peppermint extract, so it's really MINTY!

Okay, my health card expired over 22 years ago. Although these candies are extremely tasty, I doubt that any self respecting camera collector would actually eat one - that would ruin it's MIB-ness.

Email your entries to me, Marcy, no later than June 29, 2001. Keep in mind, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. So, these rules may change at any time...though they'd never change for the worse. Only for the better.

Click here to view the 2001 entries received thus far.

Click here to view last year's entries.

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