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The Prince Flex:

When I got this, I didn't know what it was.   It's not a camera. The fake shutter lever swings aside and the "lens" pops open and there's a removable cup. Did it hold candy, or something? This tin "camera" is 1 1/4" wide and 2 3/4" tall, including the viewfinder. Made in Japan.

And here's some interesting input I recently received:

"I remember seeing these things at "five and dime" stores:  they usually
contained a spring-loaded snake or other creepy-crawly in one of the hollow
'lenses.'  When the 'shutter' was pressed, the 'surprise' popped at the
unsuspecting 'subject'  ala jack-in-the-box.  Great party favors for
obnoxious eight-year-olds..."

Mystery solved!

THEN... I received this, from someone who also owns one of these fake cameras. He once thought he had a unique treasure. Then he happened to notice this on eBay:

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