Liquid Emulsion on Alternative Surfaces:

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fan1.jpg (138269 bytes)

Here, Luminos SilverPrint has been applied to sheer fabric.

fan2.jpg (53279 bytes)

The look of the silver image on transparent material is interesting when back lit. Here, I've crumpled the edges of the fabric to better reveal the  backlit effect.

SunflowerOnShears.jpg (79532 bytes)

This transparent image was tinted with oils after this photo was taken. 


reindog.jpg (75192 bytes)

The 2000 Christmas card! "Reindog" Liquid silver gelatin emulsion on fabric, hand-tinted.

HopeChest.jpg (97628 bytes)

I'm calling it a hope chest because my cousin was mortified when I referred to it as a coffin. The images are weddings and funerals, applied with liquid emulsion and hand tinted.

FeetOnAfootStool.jpg (96150 bytes)

cabinet1.jpg (70101 bytes)


cabinet2.jpg (59894 bytes)

So far

This is a photographic image applied to a cabinet door using liquid emulsion. I find that I need to change my methods with each different type of wood. Sometimes a single coat will attain my desired affect. Sometimes I'll need multiple coats. Also, the time I cure the emulsion varies. This particular piece has a single coat of SilverPrint liquid emulsion.  It set for 3 days before exposure and processing. The photo on the left shows my first attempt. I felt the image blended into the background too much and was a bit hard to make out. To correct this, I lightened the wood with a thicker application of white paint before I applied the emulsion. Still, one coat of emulsion worked well with this image. The cabinet door is 15" wide by 20 7/8" tall. I've lightened the cabinet itself with white gesso since the photograph on the right was taken. I plan to apply images of arms to the sides.

teabox1.jpg (23937 bytes)

This is a teabox which will be placed in a hope chest. Click on the image for more information about the teabox.

JudithStones.JPG (69755 bytes)

sophia1.jpg (55753 bytes)

sophia2.jpg (76107 bytes)

These stones were gathered at Ruby Beach in Washington state (the best place for gathering stones). My friend Judith recently had a baby. I photographed her baby, Sophia, at 1 1/2 days old. The string attached to the stone with the hole in it is a bracelet I wore during Judith's labor. The other stone, on the right, has a rounded dent below the image. She might put a baby's bracelet or rosary in it.

The photos below are samples of liquid emulsion applied to canvas. The top two photos are the same piece, which received slightly more exposure than the piece shown in the lower two photos.  These four photos of images on canvas were taken with a digital camera that didn't pick up the texture of the fabric.You may click on any image for a larger view:

BabyOnCanvas1.jpg (62924 bytes)

BabyOnCanvas2.jpg (63791 bytes)

BabyOnCanvas3.jpg (61778 bytes)

BabyOnCanvas4.jpg (65968 bytes)

GettyPillow.jpg (111619 bytes)

This image of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, was taken with a toy Empire Baby camera.

ManOnBoxLid1.jpg (62151 bytes)

This is the lid to a wooden box.

ManOnBoxLid2.jpg (70805 bytes)

A detail.

ManOnBoxLid3.jpg (76882 bytes)

Another detail.

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