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Marcy's RIO-400 Camera Review: (revista!)

Charles, who lives in Brazil, sent me this camera. It's a Brazilian Kodak Starlet. I took it to our local "Penguin Plunge". It's an event that is held every year in January. Folks dress up in weird costumes and dive into the cold ocean. Kinda fun at that event, standing next to photo journalist Kevin Hong , (who wrote that story about me, by the way...oh...did I already mention that?) with all of his schmancy Nikons hanging around his neck, and having folks notice my camera. "Hey! That's a classic! What is that?"  I had just received the latest edition of McKeown's, so I looked it up. Actually, I didn't look it up...I happened upon it while flipping the pages. It was made to commemorate Rio de Janeiro's 400th anniversary. It's considered rare and they list its worth as between $75 - $150. Which made me decide NOT to take it on a recent snowshoe trip. Which I've never done before. I've never decided not to take something because someone else decided it was worth real money. So here's my issue with this issue. It's just a little chunk of plastic with some cheezy chrome. It is a cool camera, don't get me wrong. But one hundred and fifty bucks? Oh, for cryin' out loud!

Anyway, the camera accepts 127 film ("use filme 127"). It has "nub" and "sol" settings on the front. Hmm...let me see... could it be? Cloudy and sunny? It came with a fake leather strap and I'm quite pleased with it.

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Oh yeah. And I took a picture of a duck on a chair.

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