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Wow! This was my first camera review, oh way back when. To see more about the Rocket camera, click here.


Marcy's Rocket Camera Review:

I picked up this Rocket camera at a junk shop in Spuzzum, British Columbia. This interesting tin camera uses 120mm film, 16 shots per roll. It had a spider's nest in the shutter mechanism. Once this was removed, it worked fine. As toy cameras go, I find it much simpler to use than a Diana (i.e. no sunny/ cloudy setting). It does, however, have "i" and "b" settings. "i" being a single release of the shutter and "b" being bulb. This economical rangefinder sports a focus free glass lens. The images the camera creates have a smudgy blur around the edge, giving each a sort of nightmarish feel. Not a grownup’s nightmare, but a child’s nightmare- the really scary kind. When photographing with the camera, you need to remember where, within the image area, the point of focus is. The tin rangefinder on the top of the camera is tiny. Much tinier than the actual image area.The shape of the image on the film is like that of a bed sheet, hanging out to dry on a clothesline. I've customized this camera using black tape to block light leaks.

The images below were taken with the Rocket camera. Click on any image to view a larger version:

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