Marcy's Polaroid SX-70 Camera Review:

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Way back when, when SX-70’s first came out and were really expensive, I waited for the price to come down a little and bought one. I think it was about $100. It’s the white one on the left. It says "Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Model 2". You can focus it. You can set the exposure settings for light and dark. You can use a flashbar. Its kind of a nifty camera, though I haven’t used it in about 20 years. Then, I came across the brown one at a yard sale for $2. I bought some film at Rainier Photographic (1-800-ALL-FILM). The flashbars can still be found at junk stores for pennies. I also saw, somewhere on the net, that a guy makes flashbar-to-PC adapters. I used my new $2 SX-70 to create the images below. The camera says "Alpha 1 Model 2" on it and the only difference (other than color) between the two cameras is that the $2 one has a tripod mount. That viewfinder is tough to work with! If your eye isn’t right in the center of it, everything’s black. I think the light and dark dial actually changes the exposure time because I needed to put the camera on a tripod to take the lovely still life and cat pictures below.

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And here's an extremely interesting SX-70 link:

It's called The Hacker's Guide to the Polaroid SX-70. Very cool!

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Hey! Is that? No! It can't be! Can it? Its Snowflake Barbie and Head! (Photographed with an SX-70, no less.) If that isn't just the silliest...get outa here!