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Marcy's Scene X Camera Review:

I was so excited to receive this Scene X camera! It’s a quiet life out here. Anyway, I bought this on eBay. It came all the way from Iowa in its original box ("from DIXIE") with it’s original instruction sheet. There was even film inside! This teeny tiny (2" x 3 1/4") plastic camera was made in the U.S.A. It takes 8 images on 828 film. I finished off the roll. The shutter opens when the lever is pushed either up or down. There are no settings. The instruction sheet warns in capitol letters, "DO NOT TAKE PICTURES ON DULL, CLOUDY DAYS OR IN SHADE." As it turned out, the previously exposed images didn’t materialize. The film was too muddy and fogged. I could only make out one image that I’d taken. It’s of one of my favorite subjects, the peeing alien. I love the instructions: "For sharp clear pictures, keep main part of subject (head, etc.) in center of picture as seen through View Finder." (In other words, nothing but the center is in focus. "Pictures you take will show more of the subject than you see in the viewfinder." (This instruction sheet could be a primer for any plastic camera, eh?)

Any minute now, I’m expecting another batch of 828 film from Film For Classics. I’ll use the Scene X next chance I get!

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And the second roll...

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Okay, what I found from the second roll was that the only area in focus is the very left edge of the image. This camera has some horrendous light leaks. That's funny because the other day, while plying my trade, I was talking to a photographer friend of mine. She also teaches piano. We were discussing the attributes (or lack of attributes) of a certain piano. She mentioned something about the piano not being quite up to par. I said, "But it's probably okay to learn on..." She answered, "Well, Marcy, let's put it this way; You wouldn't use a camera with light leaks, would you?" To which I astutely answered, ""

I'll bet I can re-roll 35mm film onto an 828 spool. The sprocket holes might encroach into the image area a bit, but it's worth a try.

Hey! I found another camera that looks just like the Scene X:


McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Earl Products Co. Scenex - c 1940. Small plastic novelty camera for 3x4cm exposures. Similar to the Cub. $12-20."

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