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Marcy's Slip-On Camera Review:

"Made in USA Pat. Pending"...other than "Slip-On" and "Stop at click" on the take-up knob, that's all the markings that this camera has. Well, it's not really a camera. It's more like a plastic shutter / lens assembly that clips on to a 126 film cartridge. Given to me by Philip Arny, this compact and sporty piece of photo gear cries, "Take me with you!" in more ways than one. Easily tucked into the corner of my new Barbie - Modern Girl backpack, this camera spent time at the beach as well as the county fair.

Interestingly, the shutter is a sort of a star-shaped piece with holes in it. The PROBLEM: the camera is way too light. You try holding this tiny piece of plastic steady while pressing the shutter! Oddly enough, some of the shots were recognizably blurred. Whereas others had a sort of a double exposed look to them. But the double images are exactly alike. There is action taking place during the opening of the shutter, yet both images on one frame are exactly the same, without the blur that a shaky camera would create. An image echo, rather than a double exposure.

Philip did mention that before he sent this camera (and a MicroPet 110) he'd performed some maintenance on its sticky shutter. Gaffer's tape around the "lens housing" is a telltale sign of this maintenance and probably lowers this camera's rating to a Mint -, significantly lowering its value from 99 cents to about 49 cents.

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The "image echo"

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