Marcy's Special * Moments Camera Review:

    If I were better at expressing myself in writing, I could probably give this camera a decent review. As it is, I know only about 20 words and I simply rearrange them to suit my needs.

    The Special Moments camera can be found at the Dollar Tree chain of stores. They also sell Special  Moments film and Special  Moments frames. The camera comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, yellow and red. When choosing the color, I took into consideration my wardrobe and the particular application in which I'd be using the camera. Naturally, my color selection was red. Not just any red. The Special Moments camera's plastic body is the passionate red of a fire hydrant against the blue sky of a summer's day.

    Special Moments cameras and film are becoming a bit of a cult phenomenon. The familiar use the term "S&M" instead of Special Moments. Some users report that the S&M camera delivers light leaks much like the fabled Diana. I have yet to use a light-leaker. Putting the camera through a performance test I found the shutter to be reliable and the film advance to be passably sound. There's the feeling though, that this could change at any moment. Any special moment. Lens flare occurs at every turn with the plastic lens. (Hey! It was only a dollar, for cryin' out loud!) The flash shoe works. I have friends who purchase the S&M just to cannibalize the flash shoe parts and small screws for use on other cameras. That behavior is absolutely S.

    One of the coolest things about this camera - the thing that makes the S&M well worth a buck (+ tax in some US states) is the packaging. On the back of the card are the instructions for loading film. The instructions tell how to load film spools with paper backing into the camera, not 35mm cartridges!



Click on any image for a larger view.

S&M film comes in 24 exposure rolls and the packaging says it's made in China. I've experienced a variety of results with this film. Sometimes the negatives are fine. There have been times when the final result had an odd color cast.

Here are some images taken in keeping with the S&M theme:

Bitch over a log.

Bitch bondage.

A bubble bath in the outside bathtub & my luscious melons.

One heck of a rack. - Hey, the sun popped out and I thought it would be a good time to pull the racks out of that deep box and stick a feeder in it. I didn't think anyone was using it. So, there I am, in only my bathing suit with an open box o' bees. If that ain't S then I ain't M.

So, now I'm going to bore you with my bees. I used a Kodak Portra +2 on the front of the lens and a Voigtlnder flash.

same same

Hey, I'm fascinated by these, but I know you're not. So you may simply ignore them. Though you gotta love the bee butt, right, center.



This roll of S&M film didn't give me any problems. No hideous blue shift.

Heidi Jane with a halo. She's such an angel. (The neighbors might disagree.)

UPDATE; September, 2004:

There's a new Special Moments camera now at Dollar Tree! It's not nearly as nice. No hot shoe and it appears to only be available in black and a pukey Halloween orange. The instruction sheet that comes with it gives the correct instructions for its use. Darn it! But the sample image on the packaging is a square format.

Haven't used it yet though. Guess I shouldn't knock it until I try it.

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