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Marcy's Squirt Gun Camera Review:

[You must have a lot of time on your hands, if you're burning it reading this.]

Diana-Like in their simplicity ["Diana-like". What am I? Trying to make an extra buck on eBay, or something?], these squirt gun cameras, though they appear similar, are as different as day and night. The one on the left says "Made in China" on the back, and that’s it. It has a real viewfinder, but the remainder of its features are drawn on. Though that is a fake flash shoe on the top. Its got an incredible stream! I mean, who needs a Super Soaker when you’ve got this thing? (As evidenced by the explosive blasts depicted in the image below, on the right.) The Cohen, above on the right, has some nice detail. A working viewfinder, a fake flash with a fake red ready light, with what appears to be an on-off switch on the front. Also, Another fake flash (I guess). It leaks...Typical junk store camera. The lens says "1 : 2.8 38mm 0 Cohen Photo Film". Its film winder lever even moves! What’s cool about this Made-in-Hong Kong gem is that the stream of water comes out of the film winder on top. So, you squirt your victim, they say "Hey! Let me do that to you!" And, as you hand it to them, you turn the film winder around so, when they squeeze the shutter, they squirt themselves again. Clever! [If you’ve gotten this far, you really do have a lot of time on your hands!] Hey! I think I see a vision of The Virgin in that image on the right!

Squirt Gun Image 1

Cohen Sqirtgun Image

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