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Marcy's Sunbeam Six-Twenty Camera Review:

The Puget Sound Photographic Collector's Society puts on the best camera show every April in Puyallup, WA! That's where I picked up this little number. I paid a whopping five bucks for it. It's gray deco self is cute enough. But I knew I had to own it when I turned it upside down to find, "HELEN's won it for a penny in Morrison Ill. 1956" scrawled on the bottom. SunbeamBottom.jpg (34273 bytes)

Made in Chicago, the Sunbeam accepts 620 film. Thus, the name "six-twenty". Duh. Takes 12 images on a roll. The back of the camera opens with a little gnarled knob that unscrews. There's no "b" setting.  It measures approximately 3 inches x 4 1/2 inches, with the viewfinder hood unopened. Though the images it creates aren't exactly earth-shaking (we'll leave that phenomenon to Polaroid Land cameras) I rather like this little camera's style.

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