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Marcy's "Original" Time Camera Review:


Not long ago on eBay, someone described a camera as a collectible original. I clicked on that one (sure, I'll bite). Anyway, it was a crappy 35mm Time camera. You know, the magazine subscription give-away? They had it billed as "the original Time-Life camera", or something like that and stated that all other give-away cameras were fashioned after this one. Folks were bidding on it! I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. In fact, I thought it was pretty clever. That description must have entered my subconscious. When poking through a pile of junk cameras I found at an auction,  I came across an Original Time Camera. I immediately gasped and under my breath I muttered "The Original Time camera - I've got to have it!" I then had to step away for a moment because I realized I was SERIOUS! Though I was serious for merely a millisecond, the event exemplifies another aspect of eBay's affect on our daily lives. eBay seeps in and changes the way we look at ... well...junk.
I DID end up with that Time camera, but only because it was in a gigantic box with a bunch of other cool crappy cameras. A gigantic box that I got for a bid of five bucks! So, finally, the review:

This camera has the features of a "real" camera! Some of the features anyway. The film counter returns to "0" when the back is opened. Only one exposure can be taken at a time...most crappy 35's allow for exposure after exposure on the same frame. It's got a tripod mount and a hot shoe. I put my cheap-o Sunpak flash on it and it not only works, but it looks kinda spiffy! Even though the day was sunny, I left the lens set on "cloudy"...prior experience with crappy cameras tells me this is the way to go. Below is a sampling of images taken with the ORIGINAL Time Camera. I decided that, by now, everyone must be getting pretty darn tired of photos of the my dog running on the beach and the Peeing Alien Shrine. So, I've decided to give you a glimpse around my studio:

TimeStudioFront.jpg (58057 bytes)

Across the front of the studio.

TimeStudioFrontWindow.jpg (88400 bytes)

Out the front window ...oops! There's THE SHRINE!

TimeStudioCorner.jpg (64499 bytes)

In the back corner of the studio.

TimeStudioBarbies.jpg (78456 bytes)

Barbies in the studio.

TimeHJStudio.jpg (54504 bytes)

There's my dog with an oyster shell in her mouth...who could resist?

TimeWalkingHJ.jpg (107135 bytes)

So, we're goin' to the beach!

But wait! There's more...

What to do with that Time giveaway cam?

TackyTime.jpg (73863 bytes)

There's also the Time Gala Edition!

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