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Marcy's Traveler 120 Camera Review:

This camera, found in a junk store in Wheeler, Oregon, is my second favorite junk store camera so far (behind the Rocket). It weighs an absolute ton. Someday, I’ll actually weigh it, but in the meantime, that’s my description. Its made of metal. I think they call it pock metal? Manufactured by PHO-TAK CORPORATION, Chicago USA. It actually says "Time Traveler 120" on the front, but I don’t believe the word "time" is part of the name (though I like that better). Next to the word time is a small lever. When the shutter is depressed with this lever pulled out, it will stay open. That’s about the extent of this camera’s technical advancement. It has a glass lens. This camera accepts 120mm film. The tiny tin and glass viewfinder on top is actually quite helpful. The view through the finder is a bit wide angle-ish, which is exactly what I’ve gotten from the image on the negatives. Speaking of the image on the’s sort of venturi shaped. Now, I realize I can pretty much make any camera’s image into whatever shape I want to...I could make my 35mm images shaped like poodledogs for that matter. It’s just the fact that they came that way from the factory that amazes and inspires me!

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Check it out! The Vagabond 120 is the same camera, only with a flash receptacle.

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Just a silly ad I found in an old Wards catalog.

And then these two lovely jpg's of the "Synchro Flash" model  arrived from Timothy Kellog:

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And then there's the Scout 120 ( Collect 'em all! ) :

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AND then there's the Life Time 120! No mention of Pho-Tak here. Says it's manufactured by the Life Time Camera Co., Inc. But we know the truth.

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McKeown's 12th Edition PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2005-2006 States: "Traveler 120 - c1950s. Simple metal box cameras for 6x9cm on 120 rollfilm. Not synchronized. A synchronized version was sold as United States Camera Corp. Vagabond 120 Eveready Flash. EUR: $12-20. USA: $1-10.

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