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Marcy's Uniflex II Camera Review:

I found the Uniflex II very interesting. it’s made by Universal Camera Corporation out of New York. There’s a sticker inside that says you can use either 120 or 620 size film. I used 120 and the entire roll wound through smoothly. The Uniflex II is a twin lens. Betcha couldn’t tell that from the picture, huh? Anyway, the taking lens is an Anastigmat 75mm f:4.5. The shutter speed is set by moving a dial around the outside of the lens. It’s got a "T" and "B" settings and goes all the way up to 200. The outer dial says "Flash Chronomatic." I would imagine that means that the flash syncs with every shutter speed, wouldn’t you?

What I like most about the camera is it’s bellows. When you focus, the lens assembly moves in and out on a metal bellows. It’s probably not called a bellows if it’s metal, but I think you know what I mean.

You pull out a nasty little tab on the back of the camera and the viewfinder hood pops open to reveal the ground glass. And it is glass. There’s also a little magnifier that unfolds for ease of focussing. I didn’t figure that one out until after I’d put a roll through the camera. Not that I needed it as it’s pretty easy to focus. The focus knob also has a depth of field scale.

There’s a little metal door on the back of the camera, where the film counter number is revealed, that can be closed when not in use.

The Uniflex II takes twelve 6x6 images. The only problem that I had was that a couple of times during the roll, the shutter stuck open. This caused exposed "skid marks" as I wound the film...photographic "streakers" if you will.

While I was photographing the vacuum cleaners (below) two women came out of the repair shop. One said to the other, "She’s taking pictures of the vacuums!" To which I responded, "Treasured memories for my grandkids."

I didn’t bring a meter, so I guessed. I wanted n -2 in the mid-tones. Psyche! Heh, heh...actually I was going for any dang zone I could get.

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