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Marcy's Voigtländer Vitoret 110 Camera Review:

The Voigtländer Vitoret is the most fun I've had with a camera in a long time! Teeny tiny (a mere 4 5/8" x 15/16" x 1 3/8") this 110 instamatic is made of very high quality plastic. There's a sliding switch on the bottom that opens both the lens and the viewfinder covers. The lens cover says "LANTHAR 5.6" There are four settings on the top of the camera. They run the gamut from sunny all the way to cloudy - they also double as flash settings (4' to 12'). Yup, flash. This isn 't your ordinary Magicube set-up. This camera accepts an electronic flash. My SB-24 is hysterically funny, perched atop this mini me, but I also attached a cheap-o Sunpak. It works great! There's a tiny white button below the viewfinder. Push it and slide the left portion of the camera back to the left. The right portion will pop open for film loading.

This camera has been to a hair-dyeing party and a WWF Smackdown taping (X-Pac sux). Anyway, this was my first venture into Wal-Mart one hour. Eeeeeeuuuuuu...those folks haven't a clue! Firstly, it was more than an hour. Secondly, I could talk a blue streak about the blue streaks (and dust spots and fuzz) on the prints. No streaks are visible on the negs. These prints are extremely grainy, which I rather like. But I don't remember my Barbie 110 photos being so grainy.

The handy camera strap unscrews to reveal a mount that accepts a tripod thread. The next wedding I attend, I think I'll put this camera on my Gitzo with the SB-24...or maybe the 16 - it's bigger- and fire away!

On another note: This is the first camera I've purchased under my new $12 max policy. I probably paid too much because I then saw one somewhere on the net for $5. But, what price do you put on FUN?

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Here, I'm trying to give you an idea of the size of this camera. Okay, maybe everyone doesn't have a chicken, that shoots fiery pellets out of it's butt, for reference...

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How 'bout a rabbit riding a carrot? No?

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Everyone knows how big Brides of Kane Barbie is, right? No?

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I've got it! A small butane lighter! Why didn't we think of it before?


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