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Yashica Electro SHOOT OUT! (just kidding.)

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Yashica Electro G

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Yashica Electro GSN

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Marcy's Yashica Electro G Camera Review:



I received the Yashica Electro G from Bob Hickey. It's in great shape, except it's missing the little button that you press to test the battery. No biggy. The GSN was in a box of junk I purchased at an auction for $6. I saw the box had a camera in it and I simply had to have it! I had to order the battery, which cost $9.95. I've got at least three cameras that share that one battery. I put the battery into the G and began messing around with it. I've got no manual, so I was flying by the seat of my pants. The camera has shutter settings for "B", auto and flash. This camera takes great pictures! I don't mean to sound surprised...but I kind of am. I mean, it looks so unassuming. Real chrome-y. The flash synch works, as evidenced by the Barbies in the studio shot. Both the  "G" and the "GSN" have two little lamps on the top. One glows red when the ambient light is brighter than the camera setting. The other little lamp glows yellow when the setting is too slow for handheld (I'm assuming, since I don't have a manual). When I used the G, I set it to auto, held the camera to my face, looked in the viewfinder, depressed the shutter and HOLY COW! A yellow light came on inside the viewfinder the likes of which we haven't seen since Hale-Bopp! Here, I took a picture of the viewfinder with the light on with Digital (that's what I named my Kodak DC290)  This:YashicaElectroLight.jpg (51164 bytes)  as opposed to this: YashicaElectroGSNLight.jpg (47024 bytes) (a mild-mannered arrow) in the GSN. The cameras appear to be quite alike. On the GSN the fastest ASA setting is 1000, as opposed to the G's 500. Both cameras have a 45mmm Yashinon 1.7 lens. They are quite likeable.

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Hey! The f-stops work!


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